Tue Sep 17, 2019 04:46
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COURAGE INV (01145): Zhang Liang resigned as CEO 16 Sep 2019
HENG TAI (00197) sees significant increase in FY19 loss 16 Sep 2019
ICBC: Tan Jiong resigns as Senior Vice President 16 Sep 2019
CHONG HING BANK (01111) appoints Clement Woo as CRO 16 Sep 2019
HSSP INTL (03626) expects FY19 profit to drop 87% 16 Sep 2019
MCC: 8-mth new contracts RMB472.65B, up 20% 16 Sep 2019
CHINA SUNTIEN to issue super short-term commercial papers 16 Sep 2019
UBS lifts TP of HK$20.7 on WYNN MACAU (01128) 16 Sep 2019
Daiwa lifts TP of HK$2.1 on Yuexiu Property (00123) 16 Sep 2019
Goldman maintains Buy rating on Zhongsheng Group 16 Sep 2019
YIXIN up 30.99% on buyout proposal from Tencent 16 Sep 2019
V1 GROUP commences offline sports lottery retail biz 16 Sep 2019
BURWILL (00024) faces winding up petition 16 Sep 2019
GREENLAND HK (00337) bids HK$1.31B for property 16 Sep 2019
GOODRESOURCES FY19 profit HK$54.12M, down 27% 16 Sep 2019
YIXIN: Bitauto gets buyout proposal from Tencent, resumes trading 16 Sep 2019
CLOUD COPPER to place up to 180M shares at HK$0.18 each 16 Sep 2019
YIXIN (02858) resumes trading 16 Sep 2019
DREAM INT'L signs MOU to buy tarpaulin business 13 Sep 2019
C CREATIVE DIGI (08078) sees FY19 loss of HK$1.9B 13 Sep 2019
CLOUD COPPER places new shares for HK$32M 13 Sep 2019
ZENSUN ENT buys land use rights in Beijing 13 Sep 2019
SHENZHENEXPRESS buys 67% interest in Baotou Nanfeng 13 Sep 2019
HUSCOKE HLDGS establishes JV w/ Baimaoyuan Trading 13 Sep 2019
CMS signs license agreement of 3 generic products 13 Sep 2019
YIXIN (02858) halted for release of inside information 13 Sep 2019
POLY PROPERTY: property re-entered by govt of Macau 13 Sep 2019
FIRST PACIFIC to spin off hospitals business 13 Sep 2019
YORKSHINE HLDGS (01048) turns around, Q1 profit US$4.9M 13 Sep 2019
WLS HOLDINGS (08021) Q1 loss rises to HK$6.28M 13 Sep 2019
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